Frequently Asked Questions

Q.13 ways to avoid extra charges on your rentals returns
1. Have all event rental items of your order ready for return.
2. For customer pick up bring the complete order to our location.
3. For Deliveries have items ready to be picked up the same way they were delivered
4. All rental items are placed in the same spot together.
5. Chairs must be stacked the same way our staff deliver them
6. Tables folded as they were delivered
7. Linens placed on laundry bags with hangers
8. Shake crumbs from linens before place on laundry bags with hangers.
9. Rinse free of food plates, glassware, and silverware
10. Rinse free of food All catering equipment chafers, tongs, hot box etc.
11. To avoid any cleaning charges, wipe down any food spills from the equipment.
12. Our warehouse will check all returned items to get them ready for the next rental.
13. In case of loss or damage let us know to avoid extra charges.
Q.How would I receive my rentals?
Pick up or Delivery?
  • Customer Pick up/Drop off is a self-load/unload order.
  • Assisted Loading is available for an Additional Fee and must be requested 2 days before Pick up.
  • You can come and pick up the event rental at the selected location. This information can be found in the “Notes” section of your invoice.
  • Delivery is scheduled for the day before your event, and Pick up is scheduled for the day after, anytime between 9 am - 5 pm.
  • If your event is on a Sunday, Pickup will be on Monday between 9 am - 5 pm at no extra charge due to our closure on Sundays. This allows customers enough time to set up their events.
  • For Deliveries, we can only provide a 1-hour call in advance on average times, depending on weather, traffic, previous deliveries, and road conditions.
  • Deliveries requiring special/specific times (less than a 6-hour window) become "Premium Deliveries," incurring an additional 50% of the delivery charge. Please note that delivery routes are planned based on distance and location between deliveries for that day. Specific hours require a dedicated truck to fulfill requirements.
Delivery Requirements
  • We will deliver all of your party rentals and drop them at the spot where you instruct us (Maximum 50 ft/steps) from the truck. This is to the First floor Only. A labor fee will apply for delivery to the 2nd, 3rd, etc. floors.
  • Ensure a clear area to drop/pick up items with a 36” wide opening door or entrance to bring chairs in with a dolly.
  • Level walkable surface. Delivery to a floor level with more than 2 steps is considered a different level.
Delivery fees for Stages, Dance floors, and Frame Tents
  • The delivery and pick-up fee will increase due to the use of a bigger truck.
  • Tables, Chairs, Linens, Glassware, and other items are bundled up in one spot for easier setup.

When picking up the rental items, please leave them in the same manner as they were delivered. This makes it easier for us to pick up everything, including Rental Chairs, Rental Tables, Tent Rental, Wedding Linens, Glassware, Dishware, etc.

Q.How should I have my rentals ready for pick up?
A.Before our staff come to your event place, if you can have the items as we left altogether? The same way we left them. That way it is a lot easier for us to pick up all Rental Chairs, rental Tables, Tent rentals, wedding Linens, Glassware, Dishware, and so on. With Pick up service from Texas Party Rental we would pick up all of your rental items and drop them at the spot where you instruct us. When we pick up the rental items you can leave them in the same manner they were delivered.
Q.Are your rental items new?
A.It is true that we get a lot of new party rental items all the time but for the nature of the business, we do use them on every rent. Sometimes you get new ones but 99% of the time they would be in good quality but used. This means tables and chairs rentals could have some scratches or have been repainted several times, the same with wedding linens rentals would be washed, ironed, and ready for your event. Anyhow your event would look amazing with our party rental
Q.How to avoid additional fees?
A.- Have the items ready for pick up and in case you will not be at home leave the backyard open so our crew can pick them up. - Leave the items folded and group together like you receive them. - If you got them dirty wipe them off, rental companies don’t want you to wash their items however if you spill a drink just wipe it off for example. - Items must be 50 ft. from the truck parking. - Read your rental policies contract
Q.Delivery Zip Codes
A.78708, 78717, 78718, 78720, 78726, 78727, 78729, 78750, 78755, 78758, 78771, 78710, 78723, 78728, 78753, 78754, 78761, 78701, 78702, 78703, 78705, 78711, 78712. 78713, 78714, 78722, 78731, 78751, 78752, 78756, 78757, 78759, 78762, 78763, 78764, 78765, 78766, 78767, 78768, 78719, 78721, 78724, 78725, 78741, 78742, 78744, 78760, 78737, 78738, 78747, 78664, 78665, 78680, 78681, 78682, 78683, 78613, 78630, 78626, 78627, 78628, 78633, 78641, 78645, 78646, 78660, 78691, 76574, 78610, 78619, 78621, 78634, 78640, 78605, 78611, 78620, 78644, 78650, 78666, 78676, 78130, 78131, 78132, 78135, 78155, 78648, 78606, 78945, 76501, 76502, 76503, 76504, 76505, 76508, 76540, 76541, 76542, 76543,76544, 76547, 76549, 78624.
Q.How would I received my linen rentals?
A.First of all, congratulations if you are reading this means you are having a pretty awesome event. When you get wedding table linen rentals from Texas Party Rental you get the whole nine yards. The table linen rentals for weddings will be first of all washed and ironed on a hanger and bagged for max protection and easy to handle. Anyhow call your party rentals near me to book all the event linen rentals. Click for Video Contact your event consultant for help Created by Texas Party Rental Warehouse Edited by Diego Diguilio.
Q.How to fix a wobbly cocktail table rental?
A.Ladies and Gentleman, it is the day before or the day off the event and you got a Cocktail table that feels wobbly What is the best solution? They could think that we have a 1-minute fix with a sheet of paper. Click on the link for the instructions on how to fix it really quickly and easily. Being part of the rental industry has some perks that give us some knowledge on fixing party rental tables on the go. This way with the help of wedding table linens have an amazing event. The most important thing is to keep it cool and not panic. This way is easier to make a reasonable solution that eases the problem. Anyhow call your local party rentals near me Click for Video Contact your event consultant for help Created by Texas Party Rental Warehouse Edited by Diego DiGuilio
Q.What quantities should I reserve for my Weddings Rentals?
A.This is one of the most common questions that brides ask us. And to be honest that is a very difficult question. It all depends on how many invites were sent, how many out-of-town guests, is it an outdoor venue, how the weather will be. So, it’s really hard to plan who will exactly come to your event. Check your RSVP There is no exact answer to these questions but we can definitely tell you what normally happens at the Day of the event. A good rule of thumb for party rentals reservation is to at least reserve 80% of the total invites sent. So if you send 60 invites try to reserve 48, if 100 do 80 or 150 do 120. At Texas Party Rental you can change the quantities all you want over and over up to 2 weeks before the event they can only increase. At this point in time your RSVP returned if not all of them which can give you a better idea what is a good party rental quantity. At this time it is good to reserve 10% more than the guest confirmed to assist. This way in case you get some extra guests that did not respond to RSVP you can count on a place setting for them. If you have further questions on this matter please contact your Event Specialist and we will be happy to help and secure yall weddings rentals. Contact your event consultant for wedding rentals
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (512) 800-8535

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